Making gardening hip or cool?

  The view from our hood!

According to Ball Publishing, "The Berry Family of Nurseries (BFN) announces the launch of a line of products aimed at the urban dweller. Berry is teaming with internationally recognized landscape designer, author and garden personality Jaime Durie. The partnership is designed to engage the up and coming gardeners and gardeners to be."

In a You Tube interview Jamie say's, " “We’re going to make gardening hip again...and were going to make it fun.”  That's a pretty amazing feat for one man, and one nursery. I remember when we we're told Suzie Coelho (remember her?) was going to do that.  It might work a bit, but when you say "we are going to make gardening hip again...and we are going to make it fun" that's a lot to promise.

Gardening doesn't need to be made hip and fun.  What happens when people find out it's not always "fun" or decide some other hobby is more hip? They feel let down and less likely to return to gardening. Rather than trying to make gardening hip and fun, we should be focusing on the rewards we receive from gardening. Beauty, health, food to eat, and a connection to the earth.