Norm Sayler, History Talks

Recently Monica and I spent a couple of days at The Donner Summit History Museum in Soda Springs. We interviewed Norm Sayler, who's collection makes up most of the items in the museum. Norm is truly a "living legend" in these parts, and we were excited to record his thoughts and remembrances about the history of this most famous of places. Part of the fun of visiting the museum is Norm himself. It's his stories and the way he tells them that pulls you into the conversation.

To convey the feeling one gets when at the museum talking with Norm, we have recorded hours of interviews. This, just over one minute video, is a sample of what we are trying to do. Show the object of interest, in this case, a photo of the recently completed Highway 40 in Auburn, and let Norm discuss what we see. We are putting together a longer video of our visit to The Museum and Norm. I just wanted to try out this method of discussing history, photos, short video, and Norm speaking while we had the time.