Burned forest, with ironic sign

Last year 97,000 acre King Fire burned much of The Eldorado National Forest near where we live. To get to our secret camping spot we drive through burned trees for several miles. Along the way a turn off leads to "Freanch Meadows Reservoir", as well as "Hell Hole Reservoir. " Just below the brown sign the forest service has put a sign that reads, "A Beautiful Forest Is A Matchless Sight". Not sure if it was there before the fire, or was put up after as a sort of ironic  exclamation point to the whole event.

We did see many wildflowers along the way, as well as year old tree saplings. The forest is recovering, but will take decades to look as it did before. Fortunately our favorite camping areas we're spared, so we will be passing through the burned out, but recovering forest, for some time to come.