Thanks, and good luck!

What can you say about a company that lays off employees after they return from lunch? No advance notice, just "Thanks, and good luck". Plantation Products out of Norton, Massachusetts recently bought Ferry-Morse Seed, a company founded in 1856. According to WSPD's website,"a large employer lets almost everyone go and the community can't believe how they did it. Employees returned to the job after lunch only to learn they no longer have a job. It happened just after noon Friday at the 53-year-old Ferry Morse Seed Factory in Fulton, Kentucky." Who is Plantation Products? According to their website they, "can be found throughout the United States in national chains such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Osco Drug, Ace Hardware, TruValue Stores, and at many regional outlets." Ferry-Morse has been a box store staple for awhile so the two companies will likely fit well together. Seems they could have handled the employee concerns better. "Thanks, and good luck?"

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