You say it so well!

I confess, that until recently Gayla Trail of "You Grow Girl" was off my radar. Sure I had heard of her, and she has a great reputation in the garden media world. It's just our paths didn't cross until recently. Now that I have read some of her essays and posts, it's obvious why she is so popular with her gardening community. Gayla left this comment at my blog today. It summarizes her reasons for cutting back a bit on her interaction in the online world. No, she is not fading away, and still keeps an active online presence. It's just there are other equally, or more important things to do in life, like garden.  Like her, I am not fading away, just trying to cut back on all the noise. Too much noise makes it hard to hear. Oh, and I hope the cough she developed at the end of her comment doesn't get worse.

I believe her comment dovetails with Ian Barclay's post that I just put up here. See what you think.