How to use Facebook for your business

Our Facebook Group, IGC&N (Independent Garden Centers and Nurseries) now has over 270 members. These members make up some of the most forward thinking garden center people around. The very fact they found our Facebook page and have joined shows they are taking action when it comes to social media. One benefit of joining our group for many was learning how to use Facebook. There is a constant barrage of articles and posts on how to use Facebook for your business. If your like me, reading how to use Facebook just doesn't work as well as actually just using it. That's what is so cool about our group. For many of our members who wanted to join, it was their first time on Facebook. They wanted to be a part of the discussions going on, and the only way was to dive in and get a Facebook account.

If you wondering how to use Facebook for your business, the best teachers are fellow nursery people who are using it to great affect.  Once you get an account and join the group the discussions are so lively and helpful you'll quickly learn how to use the various features just by doing it. You'll be amongst people who have never used it before, and others who are well versed on Facebook's finer points. It's a good thing it's a closed group, as some of the discussions are quite opinionated and not what you have heard at the local trade meeting. We are changing the retail garden center world one member at a time.

If you want to hang amongst your fellow nursery who are exploring social media in real time you need to first get a personal Facebook page. It's easy and Facebook walks you through it. Once you get your personal account head over to our IGC&N Page here. As long as you are an employee or owner of an independent garden center or nursery hit the "join" button. You'll have to wait for one of the administrators to approve your request (usually takes a few hours). Once approved you can take part in the discussions, or simply sit back and take it all in while you get comfortable with how Facebook works.

If you have been reading about how to use Facebook for you business, but still don't quite get it, stop reading about it and just use it. Our group is made up of people a lot like you and are more than willing to help you get the hang of it. Facebook is an important tool for small business, and the only way to reap the benefits is to "just do it". Go here to change the retail garden center world,  or just enjoy the camaraderie of others in your trade.