Jamie Durie say's...

This is interesting. Jamie Durie is the host of an HGTV show titled, "The Outdoor Room".  He also works for Monrovia Nursery as a spokesman for Monrovia plants on HGTV. As many of you know Monrovia has started selling plants to the box stores, which includes Lowe's Home Improvement Stores. I just received a link to this webcast site put out by Lowe's.  It say's Jamie will now be helping Lowe's "get your garden ready for spring". It will be convenient for Jamie, as he will have ready access to Monrovia plants while shooting at Lowe's.

The nursery trade is changing at lightning speed. The people that once championed the locally owned garden center are now focused on where the money is. The box stores, and their suppliers are now teaming up with social media PR companies to push the message that you can get quality plants, endorsed by well known figures, on well know home improvement channels, at the local box stores."

Where is the locally owned garden center in all this? You tell me.