Organic Lawn Care to be Promoted on HGTV

Green Beam News points us to Safe Lawns Org. (warning, has irritating music when you open the web page. I hate this and generally leave a site before I figure out how to turn it off.) “an international coalition of for-profit and nonprofit organizations plans to promote organic lawn care and resource conservation throughout 2007.”The main participant in this program is Bradfield Organics, a division of Purina Mills. According to Bradfield’s web page “Made from alfalfa and other natural ingredients including humates, molasses, sulfate of potash and poultry proteins, Bradfield Organics fertilizers are clean, convenient and easy to use. The new line is designed for long-lasting results in pastures, yards and gardens.” What is poultry protein? Is it what I think it is?

According to Safe Lawns Org. “the effort is being led by HGTV host and People Places & Plants editor Paul Tukey. The campaign will be touted by more than 100 garden writers and industry professionals.”

We like this program as it shows a way to have a lawn yet reduce the amount of synthetic products used. I use E.B. Stone "Natures Green Lawn Food" and have been impressed with how much better organics work to keep the lawn green while reducing the frequency of applications. "Natures Green" was one of the first natural lawn food's offered and it's good to see more brands coming out.