"Make Over The Outdoors"

Parade magazine has published “5 Easy (and Cheap) Ways To Remodel”. Besides “Create a Beautiful Backsplash”, “Go for Glass”, “Liven Up the Lighting”, and “Customize the Closets” we have “Make Over the Outdoors”.

To quote the article, “Outdoor ‘rooms’ are one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing your living space. If you already have a deck or patio, consider turning part of it into an open-air kitchen, a feature especially in demand among today’s buyers.”

Here is an idea I had never thought off, “In areas where a home’s square footage is used to assess property taxes, such backyard “additions” won’t increase your taxes.” I am sure that's why lots of people have not "made over" their "outdoor rooms", fear of higher taxes.

The best part of the remodel, “Ease Factor: With a little help, skilled homeowners can assemble their kitchen in a few weekends.” Finally, “Cost: From a few hundred bucks, for a counter area next to the grill.”

I thought the phrase "skilled homeowner" was intersesting. Skilled in what, owning a home? I believe what they mean is homeowners skilled in carpentry and plumbing, which I think most folks are not. So there you have it. Make over your outdoor room and keep your taxes down. Who would have thought!