"Like" my Facebook page?

I now have a Facebook Page for The Blogging Nurseryman. You can see the link for it in the side bar to the right. It's the place for conversation that you or I feel is important, or interesting. Here is a tip. Your news feed on Facebook is set at a default of 250 "Maximum number of friends shown in Live Feed". If you don't increase that number, you will miss a lot of the updates for pages you have "liked." It's a Facebook glitch. Increase that number to about 1000, and you'll see all the pages you have "liked" in the past.

To change your Live Feed number scroll all the way down to the bottom of your News Feed page. At the bottom you will see a link that say's "edit options". Click that link and a box titled "News feed settings" will open. Change the "maximum number of friends shown" in Live feed to 1000 or more.  After I did that, lot's of pages started showing up in my news feed that I had missed before.