Owning a nursery ain't what it use to be

I hate to see anyone in the situation that Old Kim finds themselves in today. I received this comment at my last post. "Dooms Day in western Wa for independents. I’m a loser cause what I tally up at the end of the day is a red hit. Relied on credit card funds for ten years. Thought I could pay them off. Not at 20% interest what’s happening this year. Making a living off of plants is hard. Having a going out of business sale. Sales have increased ten times. Say La Vie. With my bad additude I am thinking like a loser. Am scared. A career at Walmalt. Health benifits maybe? It hurt’s so bad that if I didn’t have a kid I’d go living in the woods. I use to have a nursery. At the end of October it’s over. I’ve lost my identity."

If I told you that I had been there too it wouldn't help.  The world is a different place than it was just a few years ago. The pace of change is staggering, and lot's of people are being affected.