Todd Chisam Jr., former vice-president of sales at Hines Nurseries

Received an e-mail from the Laura Lehrer, daughter of Todd Chisam Jr. Todd joined Monrovia Nursery in 1951 and in 1958 became a sales representative for Hines Wholesale Nurseries. He rose through the ranks to become vice-president of sales at Hines. Todd passed away on June 29th at the age of 87. Laura had wanted to let his friends in the industry know by publishing a notice in Pacific Coast Nurseryman Magazine. This magazine has for years been the way for this kind of industry news to get out.  I remember reading it way back at the beginning of my nursery career 30 years ago at Christensens Nursery in Belmont, CA. Well, like so many in our industry the magazine stopped publishing in March after seven decades due to poor economics. Apparently Todd enjoyed reading my blog, and especially the information about Hines Nurseries.  Laura asked if I would publish his obituary. Here is a link to the Orange County Register and more information.

While I didn't know Todd personally, I am glad he visited the blog and enjoyed what we we're talking about.  So many people have spent lifetimes in the horticultural field. It's a shame that there is now no venue for this kind of information to get out. I am pleased to help spread the news about the life and death of an accomplished fellow nursery person.