Saying no to homogenized gardening.

Great post at Garden Rant about a possible upswing in gardening. I think Mr. Ball in The Washington Post article hit's it right on the head. I never could understand why gardening was thought to be in a decline. Like so many things, it goes in cycles, and I can't believe that entire generations would not feel the pull of working with plants. The idea that younger generations are not interested in gardening just dose not jive with what we see here at our garden center. We have younger, 20 something's, quite interested in gardening. Many seem to be interested in organic gardening since they have young children who they want to feed fresh vegetables and fruits. They are also interested in ornamental gardening, but not the suburban sameness that oozes from most new developments, but a unique garden that expresses their outlook on life. Many are completely bored, like I am, with the packaged, homogenized, garden center experience that is found at the home stores. Now that doesn't mean there are not lots of them that go to places like that, but the ones coming into my store do not. They want to be recognized as individuals, with a unique outlook, not following trends.