Naked gardening

Did I get your attention? According to Orange County Register, naked gardening is all the rage. "Alicia Silverstone, star of 'Clueless,' mows her lawn in the nude. She told Health Magazine: 'It probably started when I was doing my garden the first time. I'd be out there, and it would be scorching hot, so I would take off all of my clothes and garden.'" Like columnist Cindi Mc Natt,  I find " the naked models don't look like gardeners – they're too pasty, they lack the battle wounds that gardeners carry and none are wearing shoes. Serious gardeners know you can't dig the daffodils without your boots on."

I do find gardening to be sexy, and I can see being naked in the garden, but just not while you are actually gardening. I was so enamored with the idea of gardening being sexy, that I bought some domain names a few years back, and maybe now I can cash in on them. Available are,,, and

So to be clear , sex appeal and nakedness do not always go hand in hand. Sometimes a little clothing is a lot more sexy than no clothing at all.