Congressional pay raise

While I have always tried to keep politics out of my blog, this time I just have to speak up. For our congress to vote itself a pay raise during a time when we are being asked to bailout various private enterprises, boggles the mind. I just wrote my congressional representatives an e-mail expressing my disgust with this action. The actual amount of money is minuscule, when compared with the money we are supplying for the bail outs. It's the symbolism of an institution so out of touch with everyday life that they find it perfectly o.k. to vote themselves a raise, while the rest of us are just doing our best to get by. This crosses party lines. Every citizen of The United States should be outraged, and contact their representatives to ask for an accounting.

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved. I have rarely written to my congressional representatives in the past. This time it's different. It has become clear that our elected officials have lost touch with reality, and it's our job as their employers to set them straight.

My 2 cents!