Our group is growing!

I posted about our new Linkedin Group, "Garden Center's, Nurseries, and New Media" yesterday. Here is the link to the group. We now have 33 members and growing. What's really cool is the caliber of people joining. Not just another trade organization, this is an attempt to gather all the people who care about garden centers and the horticultural businesses. Garden Bloggers, trade publications, nursery owners, nursery employees, and consultants are involved. Using new media like Linkedin, blogs, web poages, e-news, twitter, etc., we are building a new world interconnected by our common interests. The people in this group will be leading the way! Won't you join us? Update:

While most everyone is approved I am concerned with spam, etc. If you want to join, at least have a link to your blog or web page. I do check these out to make sure your a real person. I had a request from a investment banker, but no web page or company name. Without some indication that your are here to contribute not spam, we can't approve you. Just give me link, address, e-mail, or something. Thanks.