Got Plants?

Wanted to address this article from Open Register on “The First National Green Industry Summit” This group wants to develop a “national marketing program for the horticulture industry. Mandatory check-off programs like 'Got milk?' and 'Pork, the other white meat', along with voluntary programs like the National Rifle Association’s safe-gun storage campaign, were held up as examples.” Sure, who wouldn't like to hit a gold mine like “Got Milk”. The problem is it doesn't just happen. Looking at a hit like “Got Milk' and trying to replicate that never works.

Why do we need a national ad campaign? Here we are in the midst of a huge interest in vegetable and fruit gardening without any advertising. Nurseries are saying they can''t keep up with the interest. People seem to have found out and started vegetable gardening without any advertising. Advertising has changed. The idea of a national ad campaign is so old school I can't believe they are thinking of it. Of course that's why nothing was decided at the summit. To many conflicting ideas on what's the best way to proceed.

In the end they decided they need “to hire a professional facilitator who can guide participants through the process of writing a mission statement and then lead the group toward selecting a program message everyone can get behind.” Oh boy, here come the professionals. Sounds like a money pit to me. Far better to spend less money on advertising and more money on making sure that the customer has a great experience when they come into your store.