Twitter is an odd bird

Come fly with me Twitter is an odd bird. Is there “Twitter etiquette” when it comes to contributing to conversations?  Do you have to be “followed” by someone in the conversation to be included? I would imagine that simply following one or more of the people involved won’t get you through? Not talking about celebrities, but people who are discussing something for which you have knowledge of? Some of them might consider themselves celebrities in the field of horticulture, but not on par with celebrities outside the trades with ten of thousands of followers.

I enjoy some of what is going on there, but find myself wondering when it’s appropriate to weigh in? Having tried a few days ago, only to be left with absolute silence, is the cause for my asking. It’s a bit odd, but then Twitter is an odd bird.

People seem to either love Twitter, or hate it. Little middle ground. Is it great for starting conversations, but terrible for following up? When I post on Twitter the post automatically appears up on my Facebook profile, where it seems more interaction takes place? Is the very nature of the two platforms, one with “friends” (Facebook) the other with “followers" (Twitter) that makes the difference?

Just curious as to what your take on it has been. I also keep hearing about how Google+ is going to be the next "Place to be", but haven't seen that happen. Is that just wishful thinking among'st the Google faithful?