An idea for this holiday season

What is the attraction of “Black Friday”? Is it the excitement of shopping with lots of other people? Is it the supposed deals and sales that are offered? Is it the new way to celebrate The Holiday season? Not being one who celebrates this Holiday (Black Friday), I find it interesting to watch the build up to it.

We bemoan the loss of small business one day, and then rush to the local Target on “Black Friday” to buy stuff on sale.  The profit margin on these sale items is small, unless of course the items are brought in from countries far away where the labor is cheaper. Do they celebrate Black Friday in those countries?

Why do we need a “Small Business Saturday”? American Express in their expansive mood have designed a day when your supposed to support a local small business of your choice. On that day you’re encouraged to pay for your items with your purple, platinum, black, or rainbow Am Ex card. I will not bemoan any small business for celebrating the holiday's that way if they choose. It’s the one day when perhaps paying the exorberant fees American Express charges small business everyday worth it.

I have chosen do something a bit different this year. Maybe you’ll join me in trying it out? When I need a new pair of socks, or a gift for someone special I’ll choose the best quality I can afford, and buy it when I need it. Want to really blow a small business owners mind? Do what I do. Pay cash! Talk about a look of surprise. They will love it, as they now don’t have to give American Express 2-3% + fee off the top. Want to further make their day? Try doing you’re buying on a day other than Small Business Saturday. Now, to feel even better take that 2-3% + fees and give it to a local charity working to help your neighbors. They could really use some help.

This plan won’t work for everybody, but it works for me. It may just work for you.