gwgclogo357new.gif It's easy to miss the little serendipitous event that happen in your life. I sometimes think that if we didn't feel so harried and stressed in our lives we would pick up more on these magical moments. I write this blog without many expectations. It's another way for me to express myself and I enjoy communicating with the various commenter's that come to the blog. It's fun to hear from people over the world, including fellow nursery people. On such person is Jodie of Glenwild Gardens in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, who occasionally visits and comments at this blog.

The other day a lady came in from Carmichael, near Sacramento came to visit the nursery. How did she find out about us? She is a high school friend of Jodie, and was told by Jodie she might like to visit us! Who would have thought that a connection made more than half way across the country, via the internet would result in a new customer?

Over at The Golden Gecko Garden Forum, Steve from 10-20 has a great post on how the best way for independent garden centers to use the Internet might be. He mentions making sure that the focus is on local customers. Of course you get to decide what local means to you. My contact made in New Jersey brought me a customer here. What a wonderful and amazing world we live in!