Grow Food, Not Lawns

I receive an industry magazine and found this advertisement for General Organics on the back. It's one of the first ad's I have seen where a fertilizer company is promoting the idea of food over lawns.

We sell General Organics, and I like this proactive approach. While the industry struggles to explain why it continues to sell systemic pesticides possibly linked to Bee Colony Collapse, these people have seen the future, and left all the other fertilizer companies behind.

Is that a tattoo of the Twitter bird on the lady? Check out the neighbors lawns. The ad suggests that it's "hip" to grow veggies, even if your neighbors don't. How much you want to bet these people have a "alternative" garden out back?

The caption below the couple say's, "General Organics provides your plants with complete and wholesome nutrition from start to finish. With GO you can grow your own fresh & healthy produce and your friends and family will enjoy the fruits of your labors."

Look out mainstream fertilizer companies. The magazine is from a hydroponic industry trade journal. Yup, the hydro trade is gunning for more "mainstream" garden dollars as we talked about in the past.