Customer reviews?

We talked before about how in the future customer reviews that show up on search results for our businesses will be a big part of our image. Good or bad, what people think of us will be there for all to read. So what happens when business try to make themselves look good with reviews that seem a little suspicious?

When you Google 95650 plants a group of garden centers not to far from us comes up. When I see a business with a inordinate amount of reviews I want to check it out. 31 reviews is a lot more than any other business. When you read the reviews most we're posted during the same week.

Now I am not saying these reviews we're posted by anyone other than the customers. Maybe the nursery offered some kind of incentive for the customer to post their reviews. I still think that un-solicited reviews are the ones that ring most true. What does this say about the business? I'll leave that to you.