You're likely growing GMO's in your garden, and it's OK!

My post from yesterday concerned the confusion concerning the differences between GMO's, Heirlooms, hybrids, etc. Seems our customers in the garden businesses are receiving all sorts of mis-information that is affecting what they buy and plant. After I posted yesterday my first phone call at work was whether we carried organic seeds. I asked why, and they said they didn't want to buy anything Monsanto had a hand in. Yup, they equate anything non-organic with Monsanto, and they are not the only people feeling this way.

To the rescue horticulturist "Farmer Fred" Hoffman posted a link to a PDF file this morning from the Home Garden Seed Association. It's a fantastic summation of the differences between various horticultural terms concerning this subject. Do you know the difference between "GE" (Genetically Engineered)  crops and "GMO's" (genetically modified organisms)? Here is a shocker. Most people are concerned about GMO's when the should be concerned about GE's. GMO's are "organism produced through any type of genetic modification, whether by high-tech modern genetic engineering, OR long time traditional plant breeding methods". That means likely you have have GMO's growing in your yard right now, and it's OK!

Here is a link to the PDF file which explains all this.

I have been involved in horticulture for 30 years, and didn't know some of this stuff. Imagine what a new garden enthusiast would be wondering about all this. Here is your chance as an independent garden professional to spread facts, and not fear. Encourage your fans (customers) to do the same.