Don't let this happen to your business

I decided to Google the word plants and our zip code to see what comes up. Someone had told me this might be the way people new to the area might try and find plant businesses. Here is the result of plants 95633

Our web site comes up first, good. Hey, we even have a great review from a customer. Got to get a hold of them and give them my thanks. What interested me was when you scroll down to the bottom on that page there is a review for a local florist, Le Fleur. Check out the first and only comment from a customer. “Avoid at all cost!” OUCH!

Here is a small business trying to make it and one customers bad review has probably cost this florist a whole lot of business. The worst part is the business probably doesn't even know the bad review is up.

If it was my business I would do my best to contact that customer and see if we can make things right. I would even post the details of what we have done to make this customer happy. Even if they don't change their views at least others will know you tried to make things right.

This could be happening to your garden business right now, and you don't even know it! Try Googeling your zip code and the word plants, or garden supplies, or something you think customers might Google. Hopefully you'll find your business, and if there are reviews, good ones.

The moral of this story? You cannot ignore the Internet! This is the future whether we want it or not. This is a HUGE opportunity for us small businesses. If we are a great small business people will find out. If we are a poorly run, unfriendly type of small business, soon everyone will know.