Does my business belong on Facebook?

With the failed IPO of Facebook (failed for small investors), one wonders what is in store for the medium. If your a small business and have invested time and money having a presence there you might wonder, what's next? I am not sure, but Facebook is peaking and will eventually become MySpace. It's going to happen, as I have become bored with it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy checking up on friends and use the service for my business, but it's lost its cache. Why would I want to use a social media service that promises more advertising, and still more mining of my data? One of the reasons I started with social media was to avoid the advertising. If you have small business presence on Facebook just keep using the service, but be prepared. Things will change rapidly. We have learned in this new world is change happens quick.

What platform should you use? Start collecting your customers e-mail, and ask if they would like to receive your e-news. You own your e-news, and can keep it ad free if you desire. As these social media platforms come an go you will still have your e-mails an a connection with your customers. In the future we will see more closed platforms, where the group can control what's going on. This is where your web site, blog, and e-news will pay off. You own these, and can keep them safe for your readers. Start a garden club, and have people meet at your website. You'll get people who genuinely want to hear what you, and others in the group have to say.

There is something else about the Facebook IPO. I get the impression that the IPO was designed to enrich the founders, friends, and institutional investors. The average retail customer get's screwed, and that doesn't sit well with me. Image is important, and Facebook's image is taking a hit.