hollowen-019.JPGIf you wonder where I have been, you can see from the picture I got a bit burnt. Its so hot down "there." We survived our Halloween Party at the nursery. It was a private party with friends but since the nursery is set up for crowds we did it there instead of the house. We have invested in a 25' x 30' tent that will act as our workshop/events area. We stuck a heater in it and decorated it for the season. The Devil hanging in the tent was made by Monica with chicken wire and masking tape. Yes, I am the devil and Monica a Vampire.


Since this is Halloween I though I would stop along the way to work and take a picture of one of the areas most haunted houses, The Vineyard House. scarecrow-020.JPGThis place has been the subject of numerous television shows and books on hauntings. It use to be a bed and breakfast with a dinner house and a spooky bar located in the stone basement. Louise Chalmers had her husband, who had become deranged from advanced syphilis, chained up in the basement. He died there and now haunts the house. Apparently she haunts the place, too. The house was bought by a strange couple from L.A. a couple of years ago and its never been opened since. I drive by this place everyday and hardly ever see the present owners. Very mysterious.

Just across the street is the Pioneer Cemetery, which is haunted by "The Lady in Red" who only appears on Halloween Night. The picture of the gravestone is of Louise Chalmers grave looking across the street to her old home, The Vineyard House.


We have a ton of these haunted spots, including Prospectors road which is the most haunted road in California. It is actually the old road to the nursery that the adventurous can take. I use to drive my kids down it while they searched for the ghost(s). We never did see any though.