Quit selling garden stuff

What a pleasure reading Kathy Sierra’s post yesterday at gapingvoid.com. One thing lead to another and the next thing you know, I'm reading blog posts from the mid 2000’s. Her writing is not only timeless, but should be reviewed by anyone who uses social media as a tactic in their PR campaigns. Kathy created a post in 2006  that is still relevant, maybe even more so today. The post is called, “Seven Blog Virtues (for a Global Microbrand).” I love Kathy’s writing as she condenses everything down into bite sized chunks that are quick to read, but lasting in their impact.

Be sure to soak up the last frame of her presentation. “You can do this without a big (or any) marketing budget.” You can “out-spend” or “out teach.” Which method creates Passionate Users of our goods and services? This is the one area where we in the locally owned independent garden center world can shine. We need to quit selling stuff, and start teaching people how to become better gardeners. We need to help create the next wave of "passionate gardeners,". If we do that then we have helped create the next wave of "passionate customers".