I still need some new pants

One of the hard things about owning your own business is knowing when to spend any of the hard earned money you have earned. Generally it all goes back in the business except for living expenses. Monica will say I need a new pair of pants and I’ll say “Yea but I can wait, just had to write some huge checks to wholesale companies to pay for springs purchases." Usually when holes start to appear I’ll break down and buy some.

Holes had started to appear with my blog, and the time it was taking at work to get something posted and read other blogs was preventing me from giving it the care and feeding it needs. I have finally solved that problem. We broke down a bought a new computer for home. The computer at work will be for business and the computer at home for fun.

A business blog is an important tool for work, yet tends to take a second seat to more urgent business activities. Urgent is the key word as I believe the blog is an very important part of the business. That’s one of the problems for nursery people keeping up with a blog. Its time consuming and in the garden center business spring is a flurry of activity with barely enough time to rest, much less blog.

A lot has changed in the garden blogging world the last couple of years. So many new bloggers I don’t know much about. Time for that to change, as I still believe more than ever that garden blogging is changing the face of gardening for the better.

Oh, I still need some new pants.