A visit by The Inadvertent Gardener

Monica and I had a visitor from Iowa City. Genie, from The Inadvertent Gardener made the trip from Berkley where she was visiting a friend. I wondered what someone who knew us only from the internet would think. Did we live up to our promise? Genie put together a great post and I am happy she felt we were worth the trip.

I first visited Genie at her blog after she posted on her visit to the local garden center. My post in response was called The Plant Trafficker. It can be found here. It turned into a great learning experience for me and any nursery person who takes the time to read it.

Genie is the first person whom I only knew from blogging to visit the store. I find it amazing she was able to squeeze us in. Most garden bloggers have never met in person, yet it seemed like we were old friends.

Garden blogging can open up all sorts of opportunities to expand your circle of friends. You really do make a connection with fellow bloggers and readers of blogs. You never have to meet the person in flesh to make a real connection.

I wish Genie and I had more time to talk. Its great fun talking about other bloggers around the world like we were all old friends. Anyone traveling between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento has an open invitation to stop by and enjoy our garden (nursery). See for yourself if the physical location lives up to the virtual one. Thanks Genie!