You are a summation of ALL your social media accounts

It seem’s that with my last post the pot got stirred.  I apologize to Gina for attributing a quote to her, that was not her's. I have made the correction in my comment's here.  I have no personal agenda against any particular blogger. My blog has over the years had it’s fair share of controversy. I don’t make money from it. A very small percentage of my garden center customers read it. It’s a business blog and as such I cover subjects that involve the trade, and forget that many just want to dig in the dirt. I also now realize that many of the garden writers are not as use to the controversy that sometimes swirls around myself, and my writing. If you got caught up in the whirl wind, and don’t like the attention, I apologize. It’s a new world and I am trying to get use to it, too.

The one thing I have learned from all this is, you are a summation of all you social media accounts.  Your blog may not seem overly partisan, but if your Facebook account or Twitter feed is, where do you draw the line? Your blog may not gush with praise for one brand or another, but what if your Facebook feed say’s otherwise? What happens when what is said at one persons social media outlet doesn’t jive with what’s happening at their other social media outlet's.

I have always said what is on my mind, and the only people who I have to answer to are you. And yes, this time I did have to answer, perhaps a bit long winded as Jack points out in the comments. Soon as I accept sponsor’s or advertisements everything I say has to be seen through that prism. For myself, who makes a living in the brick and mortar world it’s not worth it. Those of you who make money, or hope to make money with their online efforts have different motivations, and I really understand that now.

And now it's off to the garden center where we are preparing for a storm moving in. Suppose to get down to 35deg.F Sunday night. Hail predicted and snow down  to 2500 foot elevation. Not good for all those vegetables people have planted. We'll spend the afternoon gathering them up and protecting them inside. What a drag!