Home Depot say’s, "Sorry we let you down"

A post at Today’s Garden Center Blog about how Frank Blake, CEO for Home Depot has apologized for the lousy service his stores are known for. The reason he is apologizing is the over 10,000 e-mails and messages he has received. The message board registers 423 pages of complaints and discussions about Depot.

This is what business everywhere should fear or delight in. With the internet we are able to lodge our complaints or complements about anything we want. Soon the complaints get grouped together and eventually even large corporations have to respond. To his credit Mr. Blake has responded, but who knows if it’s too little too late. As a business owner I want to be out their communicating with the consumer before any mis-understandings arise. The best way to do that on the internet is through blogging. Invite people to comment on your blog, even if it’s to complain. Just by being out there you send a message that you want to work with people to build your business.

I am disappointed that Frank is not going to start a blog. Right now he wants you to send an e-mail to wehearyou@homedepot.com if you have a concern. With a blog Frank could let us know in real time just what he is doing to make it right. He wouldn’t even have to do it. Maybe there is someone on staff that would be good at blogging and is passionate about the business. It won’t be easy changing the culture at a huge operation but with a blog we could be kept informed of the progress or lack of it.