Thought I had seen that T-Mobile ad before.

The Internet allows anyone to post anything. If it worthy, then it spreads virally and many get to enjoy it. Often the originality is what is so refreshing. Have you seen the current T-Mobile ad showing what the upcoming royal wedding might be like if they let loose?  It's funny, until you realize it's a copy of a much more original, and unique video of Jill and Kevin's wedding. When I first saw the original video almost two years ago I was amazed at the originality and joy. Real people, real wedding, and a real celebration. While the T-Mobile ad is funny, it just doesn't compare to the real thing. Goes to show the power of originality, and real joy. I sure hope T-Mobile makes a donation to Jill and Kevin's anti-violence charity mentioned at the beginning of their video.

I wonder whether the royal's will ever be able to enjoy life, or celebrate like Jill and Kevin did? So much of the royals lives are scripted and rehearsed it must be a drag after awhile. The ability to let go of ones ego, and just dance is something we should be thankful for. It's the "joy of the commoner" and apparently something that money and titles just can't buy. Enjoy!