A tree can save us money?

Project EverGreen a national campaign promoting the benefits of landscapes, conducted a survey this spring. Some 90% of respondents said landscaping is important to improving a home's value at sale time and 70% agreed that green spaces and parks improve property values.

So the consumer is well aware of the importance of landscaping in increasing property values.

However, 70% disagreed, did not know or had no opinion that improving landscapes can reduce energy costs. 55% disagreed, didn't know or had no opinion that trees shading homes can reduce attic temps by as much as 40 degrees.

You would gather from the survey that most people are aware of landscaping increasing property values, but no idea that landscaping can reduce energy costs. I am not sure what to make of this other than what we have discussed in past posts.

The average consumer is so wrapped up in increasing the value of the home that it becomes the main motivation for landscaping. That’s why all the homes have the same boring yards in the new subdivisions. Don’t want to stand out as that might decrease the value of the home in relation to all the other homes on the block.

It also shows just how disconnected people are to the natural world. You would be surprised how many people ask for “evergreen trees” so they don’t have to clean up the leaves. When we mention a deciduous tree would be better, shade in summer and letting light in during winter, they are appreciative as they hadn’t thought about that. Besides some evergreen trees drop leaves all year.

Maybe with housing prices dropping many folks will realise that a home is primarily a place to live, and not just an investment. Perhaps then they will think more about landscaping for beauty and energy conservation, and not just to increase the houses value, which I think leads to the “homogenized gardening” we are seeing.