How did you find out about us?

One of the things we love to find out is how new visitors find our garden center. I will usually ask, if I know they are new to our center. “How did you find out about us?” We hear “a friend told me”, “I saw your website”, or “I was just driving by”. It helps us see what works in our advertising and what isn’t.

You can also find out how people come to you web page or blog. I use It will tell you the search terms people used to end up at your site. I thought it was interesting how people found their way to our blog. Here are some of the search terms used.

These are the ones where we come up first or second in Google:

world trey center

"gecko" "species" "california"

golden gecko's tail

garden nurseries in the sacramento area that carry the encore azaleas

needle nellies 2006

nursery jargon

basics of running a garden center

monica vierria

wal trey center

This is my favorite since it involves our Aussie friend Stuarts home town,

what does busselton have to attract people

Here are some others that we show up on the first page of Google,

california nurseryman

nurseryman job

pasquesi's home and garden

hines nurseries selling

golden gecko

long tailed gecko

pasquesi home and garden + lake bluff + hours

We have talked about The Long Tail in past posts. We also talked about how I feel the nursery consultants have it all wrong. They think blogs have no relevance for garden centers. Pasquesi’s Home and Garden, which is located in Illinois, might have a different take when our site pops up the seventh entry below their web page. I have never been to Pasquesi’s and I live in California. What about Hines nurseries selling, where our blog pops up on the same page that Hines is on? The one search for Encore azaleas in Scaramento is great. We don’t even carry Encore azaleas and we are listed first!

Some entries are mis-spellings like world trey center. Some are interested in Geckos. I guess the lesson is don’t be surprised how people find you, and it could be in a way that you would never have thought of. Oh, and I don’t know what the hours are for Pasquesi’s Home and Garden, and Busselton? I am trying to get someone to fly me there so I can give a responsible answer. Stuart?