Living The Stylish Life in Minneapolis–St. Paul

This story from The Minneapolis–St. Paul Star Tribune was bound to happen. Apparently too many people have been taking Susie Coelho’s advice and living “the way Californians live.” The outdoor fire pit has grown so much in popularity that people are using it all night and the smoke is bothering the un-stylish neighbors. According to the paper “Complaints about smoke seeping into people's houses through open windows have wafted into city halls and fire departments. Some say neighbors are having fires too often or are burning materials they shouldn't, creating too much smoke."

Give these people a break. They are just doing what the self described “most prominent, lifestyle expert(s) in the country, in terms of outdoor living” told them to do. Remember what Susie said “Across the country, Americans have to get used to the way Californians live. It’s not just that we live outside all the time. A lot of times, we will bring things in.” (like the smoke, we call it smog). “If you want to live that stylish life, it takes a little effort.”

So quit complaining, close the widows, and start living the “stylish life”.