You'll read it here first

Over at Today's Garden Center there is a post about the troubles at Monrovia. It's stuff we have already talked about. The comments are interesting and not to sympathetic of Monrovia. What caught my eye was this comment by anonymous, "several good points have been made in the above comments but no one has mentioned that its not only Monrovia who has been spinning this sob story to all of us independents. All of the major industry magazines have ran the story of Monrovia but all they say is, All of the independents should increase their orders to help this poor company. I would have really liked someone to write something closer representing the views of the majority of people in the industry, (or what I consider to be the majority from what I have read on discussion boards such as this)and asked the question of why we should buy more from them or at least a little more questioning of Monrovia's motives." Hey anonymous, there is a RSS button in the right sidebar of this blog.   It looks like the one in this post.  Hit that button and follow the instructions. You'll receive this blog in your what ever form of media you choose, every time a new post comes out. The reason you may want to do that is we have been talking about the Monrovia issue since the infamous letter came out. Been having an honest discussion about the events ever since.

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