The plant world turned upside down

340x_udp.jpg Had to laugh when I saw this DIY suggestion at lifehacker.  The Topsy-Turvy craze is spilling over into the ornamental market. The project looks like it could be fun. Recycling old containers into upside down planters. The orchid is a great subject, too.

If you don't want to tackle the project yourself you could head over to Velocity where they will sell you the completed project, called a Boskke Sky Planter Classic for just $75.

When the world seems "turned upside down" why fight it?

I am not fan of the Topsy-Turvy. Last year I wrote that, "one wonders how many people who planted a tomato in a Topsy-Turvy will do that again? I can’t think of any one item this year (2009)that so perfectly expresses peoples excitement about gardening, and yet tells of their utter lack of knowledge about gardening. This things just don’t work out here where summer time heat gets in the 90’s and 100 degree F range. They dry out much too quickly, yet I have many customers who bought them (not from us). People still love the idea of a gimmick."