The exciting field of horticulture?

Here is a video clip of a new vertical wall of greens and flowers at Mario Batali's restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza in LA. He admits there may not be much harvesting going on. He say's it's more of a symbol or "flag" promoting his ideals of "being local, organic, and fresh." Frank  of  New York City Garden commented at my last post about a "egg shaped mini-hydroponic vegetable grower-dispenser." "G.T.G. is a self-contained mini hydroponic greenhouse the size of a vending machine.

Both of these ideas show how much is changing in the world of horticulture. They key to all these innovations are summarized in Mario's comments about being, "local, organic, and fresh." It's a great opportunity for the small businesses out there that deal with the exciting field of horticulture. " Did I just say, "exciting field of horticulture?" Yup.