The customer as garden center consultant

“The Birds” Schoolhouse, Bodega, CA Small business has worked on the assumption that if business is good, then whatever we are doing to earn that business is the correct thing. I would have to agree with that analogy. People do vote with their wallets. In the past some business would put out "suggestion cards" or what not, trying to solicit customer feedback. Now we have social media where, if we do it right, our customers become friends and tell us quite willingly what we should be doing at our businesses. I also love how small garden centers are coming up with ideas to stay viable and flourish. From cafes in the stores, to workshops, special events etc. I received a Facebook comment from one of our customers, Leonard. He commented on this picture of the schoolhouse from Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds" I had taken on a trip with Monica. Just idol chatter on an interesting picture. So today I get an e-mail from Leonard which said, "Just wanted to through something out to you. When you commented back about Bodega Bay and the movie 'The Birds' a thought came to mind. I know you and your wife are very busy people, but you throw wonderful events at the Nursery. I was thinking what would it be like if you incorporated a movie night into your evening garden event. An old classic like Casa Blanca, Gone with the Wind or an old Walt Disney movie for a family night. I don't know if you know of Iron Stone Winery in Murphys, Ca. They have the old Alhambra Theatre pipe organ and they do silent movies once and a while. Just an idea."

What a fantastic idea. Seems I had read about something like this being done at another garden center somewhere. Does anyone else know of this type of thing being done in other businesses? Who would have though that a winery would do this? Good wineries are always coming up with ideas to  make their places an "event". Like garden centers they have off seasons, and need innovative fun ways to keep their fans interested.The idea is to foster community. People are desperate for activities outside the home that they can enjoy that doesn't cost a bunch. Now I realize that wineries are hoping to sell a little wine while people watch the movie. How this translates to the garden center, I don't know. It just tickled my interest, and that what's really important.

By the way, the schoolhouse in located not in Bodega Bay, the location of the movie. It's in the town of Bodega, a few miles inland from Bodega Bay. Every time I see this picture the tune the children we're singing in the movie comes to mind.

I married my wife In the month of June, Risseldy, rosseldy, Mow, mow, mow, I carried her off In a silver spoon, Risseldy, Rosseldy, Hey bambassity, Nickety, nackety, Retrical quality, Willowby, wallowby, Mow, mow, mow.

If you can't remember the tune, it's at the beginning of this re-done trailer. Follow it to YouTube.


Thanks Leonard!