What we're they thinking?

I never get sample plants or tools sent to me. I read other garden writers talk about this plant sample, or that plant sample, or this new tool. "Try it out and let us know what you think." After reading Farmer Fred's rant yesterday, I am not sure I would want to. Titled, "Proven Losers" it's about being sent Proven Winner plant samples. I am not sure Fred's reaction is what they hoped for. Fred has posted pictures on his blog. Why do wholesale companies send out samples of plants that are in the condition of the ones Fred was sent?  These are samples of plants they are proud to produce? All the advertising and good reviews can't undo the reality of being sent plants that are dying or diseased. Very strange indeed.

The plant with the fungus starts you thinking about the whole Late Blight of tomatoes that made the news a few months ago. With over night air, and plants being shipped all over the country, you can see how easily disease spreads.

The other thing that spreads is good, and bad news. Considering how much money is spent by Proven Winners to build the brand it's amazing how just one poor choice can ruin much of it. No longer can you depend on your advertising to spread the word. The word is spread regardless of how much money you spend. I will echo Fred's lament, "...why send obviously damaged plants?"