"The Heimlick Manure"

It's Saturday, and time to check out the garden sections of local newspapers. I happened on The San Jose Mercury News garden section .

They published a list of 10 new products for the garden, and their reviews. One that stood out wasThe Heimlick Manure .
Here is what the Mercury said "Perks up plants in distress. Amuses serious gardeners but may give hope to those with black thumbs. `Garden, home or office, the Heimlick Manure saves lives,' crows its promoter, San Franciscan David Neumann, on his amusing Web site, http://www.sayplay.com/.

The Mercury continues "At $9.95 for 16 ounces (includes shipping), this would make a funny gag gift for a gardener, but not a serious item to stock in your shed. You could buy a whole bag of organic compost at SaveMart for $1.99, add some steer manure and mix it up yourself. Of course, it wouldn't be in the cute bag with the even cuter name. Neumann also sells T-shirts that tell the 'story' of the Heimlick Manure ($19.50 for short sleeve or $29.50 for long sleeve).

This is just like "Poo-pets" that were so popular about ten years ago. Cow manure shaped into different animal shapes, frog, duck, cow, etc. We couldn't keep them in stock, people thought they were so "cute".

Would you sell this, or products like this, in your garden center? Is this a rip off, or a fun product that deserves it's day in the sun, or both?