Yes, you can comment

For some unknown reason when you try and comment at my posts it say's "you must be logged in to comment". I don't know why the little box that requires it keeps getting checked, but it does. It's almost like gremlins are running around in the computer driving me nuts. I don't do this, and why it happens is a mystery. We are a one man operation here, and this man is not a technophile. I hate diving into the gut's of these things trying to find out what's up. I just want to type, and have it show up, and let people comment if they want. Anyway, I have fixed (I hope) the problem. So if you wish to comment, comment away.

When you comment the first time at this blog your comment does not show up until approved by me. That may be after work, so it could be hours before I get to it, but I will.