So now its news?

We have been talking about the Late Blight attacking tomatoes on the East Coast for a week now. I received a comment from Marie at 66 Square Feet. She say's, "Have you seen this article, Trey? I wanted to leave a comment to the effect that I read about it here, first, but comments are no longer being accepted." The article is in The NewYork Times, and low and behold it's about the tomato blight. Then I head over to Garden Rant and low and behold it's now news there, too.   The newspaper of record once again shows why newsprint is sinking fast. They just don't get the news to you when you really need it. Plus, I love this correction at the bottom of the article. " An earlier version of this article included Gramoxone in a list of fungicides. It is in fact a herbicide." Ooops! Fungicide, herbicide, whatever!

I am proud that we got this news out a week before it became "news". While I don't have the largest audience around, the audience I do have is made up of the most thoughtful people.

The bottom line is, gardening can be a serious business. When you really need the news, large newspapers are not the place to go. One week can make a huge difference when it comes to disease on our food crops. The future of garden news reporting is niche blogs, that focus on different aspects of gardening. Find those blog's, bookmark them, and just buy the Sunday edition of The Times!