Smith and Hawken introduces the Pantel weather-resistant outdoor TV!

One of my favorite subjects, Smith and Hawken ( A Scotts-Miracle Gro Company) has announced that they are now the exclusive dealers for,  "the Pantel weather-resistant outdoor television and the Lynx Professional Grilling Collection. Smith & Hawken has partnered with these two brands known for their unparalleled performance and superior craftsmanship. Now, the sky is the limit in creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining space." I guess they didn't take my advice and, "Bring back the Hippies". At that post we learned through Garden Chic Magazine that Smith and Hawken was, "now in the midst of a major shift to return to its ‘roots’, its horticultural beginnings.” We heard that, "the previous management and various owners lost track of their core focus.” In the article “Gordy (Erickson, CEO)proudly points to the original catalogue from the early days of the company, when the hippies-turned-visionary businessmen were still at the helm.”

So the visionaries at Smith and Hawken want to return to the day's when hippies ran the show? I wonder how Paul Hawken (one of the founders) feels about this. Is this the direction he would have taken this company? I find it weird to say the least that in these days of victory gardens and the such, that Smith and Hawken would peddle televisions through their stores.

I wrote a post about Smith and Hawkens down hill spiral here.  I would venture to say that this just about compleats the spiral. How much longer can this company go on and call itself a garden store? Now I could be wrong, and these new TV's and outdoor kitchens will lead the compnay to a brighter future. I doubt it though as it seems an odd thing to be releasing at this day and age. Right when people are looking for a connection with the garden, and trying to save a buck or two, they come out with a new outdoor television? This seems odd, but maybe you have a different take on this?