How's it going?

How's it going out there? We have been busy this spring, so little posting on my part. It seems like a good spring, considering how we felt before Christmas. Sales are good on vegetables and fruit trees, of course. I see interest in the ornamental side of the gardening world, too. Seems people want to get outside and beautify their surroundings. We are entering our busiest time of the year. The "old timers" don't plant tender vegetables around here until May 1st or Mothers Day. Looks like we missed having a major drought this year. Just the usual "we need to conserve" message, which really should be our state motto considering how we never invest in new water projects. So the weather gods have been good to us this year.

All in all, considering what is going on out in the "real' world I am glad to be a small nursery. People are returning to the garden, and the garden center. I feel like we have some control over our destiny, unlike people in government or large corporations. It seems the places that use to provide the security we desired no longer do. You are actually more secure working for yourself. I see a whole new batch of independent small business starting up like Carol Miller and her new business, Carol Miller Media. Carol worked in one area of our industry that has been seeing hard times, horticultural publishing. Not one to rest she is launching her own enterprise. It will be a struggle at first, but any quality business has to start somewhere. This is good stuff. Loose your job, start your own business, and work your tail off. Now your in charge, and the sky is the limit. Go Carol.

Here is some sage advice from Sid Raisch.  He say's, "I think this may be the best spring opportunity we've seen in five years or more. On the other hand, as good as summer could be I have never seen anyone add a nickel to their bottom line after the 4th of July. Moral: Get the bank account as full as possible by the 4th of July, being careful not to go into the slow traffic period with more inventory than you can sell then with the lower traffic to keep as much money as possible in that bank account."  Right on!