Independents moving in!

Here is a trend that I would like to see continue. According to Iconoculture, "Having been hit hard by the recession, many indoor shopping centers are seeing new tenant rates drop and national chains closing shop." We all know that, but what's interesting is who is filling the space. At one mall in New Mexico it is "filling those storefronts with mom-and-pop shops". This bodes well for quality independents. According to Iconoculture, "consumers see shopping at mom-and-pop shops as a way of keeping their money in the community and directly benefiting their neighbors." So there is a change in how people are spending their money. People are starting to realize that money spent and kept in the community, benefits the community.

Boy I hope this trend continues. You could take the same mall, and drop it in any town in America, and that's what we have now. It would be so nice to see regional differences expressed in these malls. It's really interesting to see the sea change going on with the consumer. If I we're a large chain this trend would have me concerned. It seems for once that the news is good for the small independents.  As Iconoculture said, independents are " connecting with consumers' interest in authentic and unique goods." I would add that connecting with the customers values is also high on the list.