Urban Outfitters, Parent of Terrain Garden Centers post loss

Urban outfitters posted a share loss of 11% in the fourth quarter. These days that's not such a surprise in retail. They posted a gain of revenue of 9%. Yet the investors want more. We have talked about the much hyped Terrain Garden Centers here before. I like the look of the new stores, and it seems most garden bloggers are enjoying the concept. Originally I thought Urban Outfitters would be building the stores new, but soon found out the plan was to buy existing garden centers and refurbish them. This made more sense, and the first store received much buzz. I still have my doubts abouut publically owned companies getting into the garden center business. Investors want constant growth, and our industry just does not operate that way, since we are so tied into Mother Nature and her vagaries. So, I will standby my original prediction that eventually they may want to get out of the nursery business. I hope I am wrong, since there is so much interest in it, and the good people who staff the store are hard working fellow nursery people.