George Ball of Burpee responds to blog!

Over at Zanthan Gardens they are having a discussion about Burpee's 2009 catalogue. What's interesting is the discussion got the attention of George Ball, President of Burpee. George writes his own blog, Heronswood Voice. George has jumped into the discussion by commenting at Zanthan Gardens, responding to other comments. This is the first example I can find an executive of a large horticultural corporation responding to garden blogs. I give George credit for reading garden blogs, and taking the time to respond. This is very important stuff. It will be watched by other executives to see where it leads. Some will say George is crazy to open himself up to this kind of interaction, yet for all the possible down sides I have to think that at least he is trying to get involved. He has made his point known, and now it's up to the blogosphere to sort it out.

This is exactly what we have been asking for. To be heard by these large corporations, and have them respond! Now, at least you know that the President of Burpee is listening, whether you agree with him or not.

By the way, I learned about this through Twitter! Don't let anyone tell you Twitter has no value.