Blogging Nurseryman

I wanted to comment on the post today over at Garden Rant. I basically have tried to stay away from controversial subjects that might negatively influence how my customers see their local garden center. I have never hung any political signs on my fence by the road, nor openly stated my political beliefs to my customers, even though I follow politics pretty closely, and have strong feelings about what goes on in that area. It's just that I want my garden center to be a refuge from all that. You can come to my shop, relax, and leave all that behind. The instant I hang a political sign on the fence by the road people will make decisions, that in my mind might cause them to not shop at my store. Same goes for my blog. It may not be courageous, but I am just trying to sell some flowers. I am envious of those of you who can say what ever comes across their mind. For many of you it's not going to effect the bottom line.
The same thing goes for controversial subjects on my blog. I don't usually bring them up intentionally. We'll, some times I dip my toes in, as in my post on Latin names. Why, we have had quite a discussion. Like who's bringing the cookies to the Latin Meetings, Amy, and we even have EAL going to "the Amalfi coast Friday, where, as I am sure you Latin buffs know, some of the wines most beloved of the ancient Romans were produced. (Tuscany was not all that in those days.) I will come back with recommendations." The controversy? I wanted a cabernet or zinfandel. I am sure we can hash this out

I am a bit like Hanna, who said "I started this blog because I am a little egotistical and a little opinionated and I really like to garden." substitute a "little egotistical" with "egotistical" and "I really like to garden" with "love selling plants", and that's me.

I am also interested in what Stuart was asking for. I like reading, and perhaps commenting on the more controversial aspects of gardening. It seems right now the most controversial subject is more about what blogs are than gardening. I don't have much to say about that, since I have only been blogging for a little while. It is quite refreshing to see how everyone has been passionate, yet respectful. I think that is the nature of gardening. Gardeners are special people, with an an ability to respond to the issues that impassion them, but see the bigger picture. Your garden is a place to retreat from the day to day events outside the garden wall. If, and when you want, you allow people inside your special place for a visit. That's the beauty of garden blogs. If your garden is off the street where people can't see it, you can, when you desire, show it to the world.

The reason I blog is because I feel I have something important to say about "my" garden. My "garden" is my nursery. It is a interesting place and occupation. People are always saying how much fun it must be to play amongst the flowers and make it your business. It is! But as all gardeners know, when it comes to tending their garden, it's hard work. Not only do I have to tend my "garden', I have to figure out what it is that you folks want so I can have it in my "garden". Like Amy said "I am a total plant addict and the people who feed my addiction are getting rich." I was wondering why their are so many rich nurserypeople in Eureka.

Those of you who are "Suspicious of the horticultural industry.”, fear not. I am just trying to figure out what it is you want, when you want it, and how I can get it to you.

I am also a bit of a voyeur, and just enjoy looking at your garden.