My e-mail is down, and if you didn't notice the blog is very slow today. The server is going bonkers. Oh well, it's time to turn off the computer and get ready for work. We will be closed tomorrow, but open on Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the slowest for us. Everyone heads to the mall, I guess. We will be heading over to some friends for the holiday.  Most of our family has spread out around California, and it's hard to get together anymore. My youngest daughter is still close, so she will go with us to celebrate.

With so much going on around us it's hard to remember to take the time to be thankful. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! I hope you will take the time tomorrow to savor the day. Don't think about tomorrow, or worry about what happened yesterday.  We are here NOW! Look around you, and give thanks that we live in the most exciting, and wonderful of times. We don't realize it since we are so focused on the problems, but the seeds of a better future are being planted right now. Thanks for coming by, and planting those seeds of hope with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!